Parasol Peak

I took seven musicians and a film and audio crew on a hike in the Alps and we returned with an amazing film and album. This incredibly challenging sound expedition will be released on Sept 7th but you can already watch the trailer here

More info on www.parasolpeak.com


Your mountain goat, Manu Delago




One year after the release of my album 'Metromonk' I just released an acoustic EP, with chamber orchestra versions of various Metromonk tracks.

Listen here

We'll be touring this music and lots of other organic stuff with an amazing chamber orchestra over the next few weeks.

I'm also doing some exciting collaborations this year with performances on six continents. Check this space for touring updates.

Back on the road, Manu Delago




My new album is kind of divided into two halves, up and down or mountain and city, or maybe Metro and Monk. It features some of my favourite vocalists and the legendary trumpeter Erik Truffaz.

I think after playing the Hang for more than 10 years I've also found a new voice and sound for this instrument, mainly through live audio manipulation. I hope you like the new music (and that I can play it for you live on the upcoming world tour).

Back to performance mode, Manu Delago



A step that you will never regret

I'm currently enjoying a busy touring period with Anoushka Shankar, The Cinematic Orchestra, Nitin Sawhney and my duo Living Room. In the middle of all that I'm very excited about the release of my new single 'A Step' feat. Pete Josef and an amazing video by Jeb Hardwick. The rest of the album will be out in January and I hope to see you on the following tour in Europa, Australia or North America...

New-born, hovering and wishless, Manu Delago



New album & collaborations

I'm excited to announce that my new album will be out in the beginning of 2017 with the first single coming out already this Autumn.

In the meantime I'll be doing many many shows with Björk, Anoushka Shankar, The Cinematic Orchestra, Nitin Sawhney and my duo Living Room.

Stay tuned, Manu Delago



Thank you

After more than 70 concerts the Silver Kobalt tour has come to an end and I'm extremely grateful for your support and overwhelming feedback! I'll now give myself a little live-break but will be back on the road with Anoushka Shankar's new album 'Land of Gold' in April and a handful of Silver Kobalt unplugged shows in May.

I guess it's not a secret that I'll use the off-time to work on new material...

With the bestest annual wishes, Manu Delago



Why don't you feat. Joss Stone

I'm excited to announce the release of my new single feat. the amazing singer and Grammy award winner Joss Stone.

After an amazing run in Spring my band is now looking forward to more shows this Autumn. We'll be performing in the UK, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and possibly a few more countries...

And in between those shows I'll be touring Europe as electronic percussionist with the mighty Cinematic Orchestra...
All dates here.

Your mountain goat, Manu Delago



Silver Kobalt

My new album is out NOW on Tru Thoughts Records. You can order a CD/Vinyl at EtchShop, get a download on iTunes or buy a copy out of my hands on one of our 40 upcoming concerts arounds Europe.

Once upon a time, before the compact disc was invented, miners were looking for silver ores. On bad days, all they could find was a dubious mineral that they subsequently named, Kobold (German for goblin), believing that goblins had stolen the silver. Eventually, its name evolved to what we now call Cobalt; a chemical element used in aeroplanes, batteries and significantly, our own bodies as a key constituent of vitamin B12 - this supplies us with energy.

With a goblin inside, Manu Delago



Björk & New Album

Björk has announced the release of her new album 'Vulnicura' and I'm excited to be part of her live show again. The first 7 concerts will all take place in NYC.

And just after, on 6th April my brandnew album 'Silver Kobalt' will be out on Tru Thoughts, followed by a big European tour of my band 'Manu Delago Handmade'.

In joyful anticipation, Manu Delago



Almost there

Over the last weeks I've been finalising my new album. Just working on artwork and choosing the tracks I'm gonna put out there...

In January I'll be performing with the Locus Solus Orchestra in North West France and with my duo Living Room in Scotland.

Proper touring starts again in March with many concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary...

Björk's documentary film 'Biophilia live' is now out on DVD etc. You can order it here

So far, Manu Delago



Colourful Autumn

Had an amazing summer with sunny festival performances all over Europe. In the next weeks I'll be heavily touring with no less than 8 different projects, including my first concerts with Nitin Sawhney and The Cinematic Orchestra.

Björk's documentary film 'Biophilia' is currently being premiered at various film festivals around the world. DVDs will be available shortly. Watch the trailer here

Also, I'm currently writing the last songs for my new album which will probably be released in early Spring 2015.

Stay tuned, Manu Delago



Summer Festivals

I'm looking forward to playing festival performances with Anoushka Shankar as well as my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' in the following countries this summer...


More infos here...

Ole Ole, Manu Delago



Collaborations Festival

On 16th April I'm hosting the 2nd edition of the Manu Delago Collaborations Festival, this year in an amazing underground tunnel shaft in Rotherhithe, right next to the Thames in London. There are a few tickets left here .

I'll spend most of April working on new material but in May I'll be touring intesinvely in Austria, Hungary, France, England, Germany. Also some summer festivals are confirmed: Shambala Festival and Green Man Festival in the UK, Pohoda Festival in Slovakia as well as several festivals with Anoushka Shankar in Spain and Portugal...

Hope to see you soon, Manu Delago



Amadeus Award

I'm very excited to be nominated for the FM4 Award at the Amadeus, Austrian Music Awards. If you have a minute and understand German, please vote for me .

Over the next weeks I'll play my first Australian tour with concerts in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Cheers, Manu Delago




My first Australian tour, Collaborations-Festival in London, premiere at Opera Garnier in Paris, European tour dates with Anoushka Shankar and many more amazing things coming up this year. My band 'Manu Delago Handmade' started 2014 with several sold out shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and we have many more concerts coming up...

All dates here

With bestest wishes, Manu Delago




I'm extremely excited about my first ever Vinyl album release.

A limited edition of Bigger Than Home is now available here

Merry merry, Manu Delago




I'm in the middle of touring around the world with the amazing sitar player Anoushka Shankar. I've also got several dates with my band coming up in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and for the first time AUSTRALIA.

I'm very excited about two releases:

the Bigger Than Home poker playing cards

and the release of the Manuscripts Documentary , a very personal film by Stefan Krösbacher about my approach to music and my tobaggoning skills.

Thanks for the great interest in remixing my track Überhang. We'll be releasing several remixes over the next weeks on my Soundcloud

Sunny greetings from India, Manu Delago



Remix me

After 70 Biophilia shows with Björk it's time to say goodbye. We had an amazing time but now I'm looking forward to the Bigger Than Home Tour with my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' in the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Over the next weeks I'll be releasing several remixes of Überhang - a track on my new album that is purely made out of Hang sounds - and if you're interested in doing your own remix, please click here

With original wishes, Manu Delago



Bigger Than Home Tour Part 2

Had an amazing time with Björk in North America, Japan and Taiwan. Only 3 Biophilia shows left... but soon after my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' will present 'Bigger Than Home' in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria...
more dates here...

More news about my upcoming tour with Anoushka Shankar will follow soon...

Greetings from the Alps, Manu Delago



London based

Just got back after 4 amazing weeks with Björk in California. Tomorrow I go to Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean for 3 performances of my 'Concertino Grosso' for Hang & string orchestra. And soon after that I should find myself in Japan... More detailshere...

With legs like a jet, Manu Delago



On the road again

I'm in the last stages of finishing my album 'Bigger Than Home' which will be released on 5th April 2013.

Over the next weeks I'll be gigging intensively with Björk, Anoushka Shankar and my band 'Manu Delago Handmade'. More dates in North America, Asia and Africa will be announced soon...

Hope to see you soon, Manu Delago




My new album 'Manuscripts' is a collection of various compositions of mine but mainly consists of 2 substantial works:

'CHS' which I recoreded with the Icelandic choir 'Graduale Nobili' and 'Concertino Grosso' for Hang & strings which I recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra.

The CD/DVD also includes the 'Manuscripts Documentary' which I'd describe as a very personal film made by Stefan Kroesbacher. It gives insight in my way of composing, rehearsing and performing as well as my general approach to music. The documentary also includes rehearsal and perfomance footage of my concert with the London Symphony Orchestra back in March 2012.

From next week onwards I'll be touring with Christoph Pepe Auer playing concerts for children in Austria and in December there'll be a few selected concerts with 'Manu Delago Handmade'. Many more dates in 2013!!

Enjoy, Manu Delago



London Falling

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's concert with my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' at Kings Place in London. In October I'll be guest artist in the show 'The Evolution of Eve' by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian as well as performing a concert with my quintet 'Living Room in London'. I'll also play a few more headline shows in London and Vienna in December - more concert dates here.

My new album 'Manuscripts' with the London Symphony Orchestra and Björk's choir 'Graduale Nobili' will be released later this year, more news on that will follow soon...

Ready to Rumble, Manu Delago



Icelandic summer

After my first ever DJ set in Innsbruck (A) the Björk festival tour kicks off in Morocco this Friday and then continues all over Europe.

Tickets for the next concert of my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' at Kings Place in London are available here and now.

Let's get the ball rolling, Manu Delago




My concert with the London Symphony Orchestra on 28th March 2012 was recorded and filmed and will be released as CD/DVD in due time. Over the next weeks and months I'll be touring in Argentina and all over Europe with Björk.

My quintet 'Living Room in London' is playing a few concerts in London in between...

Saludos de Buenos Aires, Manu Delago



New album - Living Room in London

Thanks for the overwhelming feedback after the premier of my piece for Hang & String Orchestra. The UK premier of the piece will take place on 28th March 2012 at LSO St. Luke's in London.

The debut album of my quintet 'Living Room in London' will be released in mid-December and you can already pre-listen and pre-order the (ideal christmas present) album here.

In the dates section you find tour dates for UK, Austria and Germany. More Björk shows in Chile, Spain, Poland, USA, Russia, Portugal will be announced soon...

Adventions, Manu Delago



Hang & String Orchestra

I'm very excited to announce the premier of my composition for Hang & String Orchestra in Austria on 26th November and in Italy on 27th November. The first UK performance will take place with the London Symphony Orchestra in March 2012. Tickets are on sale already.

More European tour dates for 'Living Room in London' will be announced soon.

Ciao, Manu Delago



Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits Voting

Amidst the Björk shows in Reykjavik my duo Living Room is playing one concert in Iceland. Even more exciting is the release of Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 9, a brilliant composition by John Cage.

And now you've got the chance to suggest what should be the historical Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahit 10! Follow this link to submit your suggestion and win the new album of Living Room in London. Looking forward to getting your suggestions!

Good luck, Manu Delago




For the next 5 weeks I'll be in Iceland: 9 shows with Björk presenting her new album Biophilia, and in between performances with my bands 'Manu Delago Handmade' and 'Living Room'.

My quintet Living Room in London just finished the recordings for our new album which will be released in January 2012. The release will be followed by a tour in Austria, Germany and the UK. Dates will be announced soon...

Frosty greetings from Reykjavik, Manu Delago



Living Room in London in London

Thanks to everyone who joined me and Bottlefed in the sold out but scary tunnel shaft performance last Thursday. On 19th and 22nd September I'll play two more concerts in London, this time with the quintet Living Room in London. Tickets for the concert at the Vortex Jazz Club are available here.

In October there'll be a huge Iceland feature: 8 concerts with Björk, an Iceland Airwaves festival gig with my trio Manu Delago Handmade, and a duo performance with Living Room.

Festival greetings from the Isle of Wight, Manu Delago



UK dates and album recording

There are a few tickets left for my underground performance with the performance arts company Bottlefed in London's Brunel Museum tunnel shaft on 8th September.

Three days later I have the pleasure to share the stage with Björk again, headlining at Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

In mid-September my quintet Living Room in London is playing two concerts in London and recording a new album. The release of the album and a European tour are planned for January 2012.

Alpine greetings, Manu Delago



France, Austria, Poland and an exciting London show

Due to bad weather yesterday's festival Un Violon sur le Sable was moved to next Saturday, 30th July. After that I'm doing concerts in Austria and Poland with a new project called Manu Delago & The Wokheads.

On 8th September I return to London for an exciting performance 50ft below the ground in the Brunel Museum tunnel shaft.

Yoyoyo, Manu Delago



Tickets on Sale

Björk's Biophilia tour kicked off with exciting shows in Manchester. More dates at the Bestival on the Isle of Wight and in Iceland have just been announced.

Limited tickets for my next London performance, a brandnew collaboration with Bottlefed are now on sale.

May the summer be with you, Manu Delago



Björk - Biophilia

Thanks to everyone who attended the sold out underground concert in London last week. I'm doing another concert in the amazing Brunel Museum tunnel shaft with a performance company called Bottlefed in September. Tickets will be available soon.

Tonight is the kick-off show of Björk's Biophilia tour in Manchester. I'll be playing drums, hang and marimba and can only recommend checking out this incredible show. More dates wil be announced soon.

Greetings from ManCity, ManU Delago



Concert 50 ft below the ground

There are a few tickets left for the 'Living Room in London' concert on 21st June in the Brunel Museum tunnel shaft in London. I heavily recommend the gig as the venue is amazing. Before going on tour with Björk I'm also doing another London concert in the Rosemary Branch on 20th June.

I also want to thank everyone who supported 'Living Room' on the Colouring Book tour. We finally found the right space to record the Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 8 and proudly present our new video: Best of Keyboard 80s.

Never ending daylight greetings from Iceland, Manu Delago



11 concerts in 12 days

I'm currently rehearsing for a new project in Iceland, seems to become quite interesting, more news on that soon. From next week onwards my duo 'Living Room' will play the last part of the Colouring Book Tour, 11 concerts in 12 days in Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels, Hungary and Austria.

On 20th and 21st June I return to London for two extra-ordinary concerts, the latter one happening 50 feet below the ground in a 180-year-old tunnel shaft. If you're not claustrophobic, I highly recommend coming to that concert as the space is amazing. Limited amount of tickets are now available on www.wegottickets.com.

Yo, Manu Delago




After an amazing Indian Ocean tour I'm back in London with lots of concerts lined up. As a special sound experience with the Hang in its purest form, I recommend to come to my residency in the Brunel Museum next to the River Thames in Rotherhithe. I perform there on several Wednesdays with very interesting guest musicians.

If you're not in London, I hope you'll make it to a concert in Hungary, Germany, Holland, Austria or France in May or June.

Cheers, Manu Delago



Colouring Book Tour 2011

Thanks a lot for the massive support on the 'Feitaboogie Collective Tour'. The 'Colouring Book Tour' of my duo 'Living Room' survived more than amazing 40 concerts in Europe and North America last autumn. After a short break we're back with part 2 of the tour. In the next weeks we'll play several concerts in London, the Alps (Austria & Switzerland) and on the beautiful islands La Reunion and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Below you find some videolinks of the first bass clarinet & hang duo in the world.

If you'd like to get informed about upcoming concert dates and new releases through my newsletter, please e-mail 'subscribe' to newsletter@manudelago.com!

Your wokstar :-p Manu Delago



Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 7 - New Year's Special

2010 has been an amazing year and I'd like to thank everyone who supported my music. 2011 will bring some very interesting projects and collaborations. My year starts with the 'Feitaboogie Collective Tour' in Austria, England and Norway.

Before that I'd like to present you a very very special video, a so-called New Year's Eve cracker, part 7 of the Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits including Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys: R'n'Blopp

Best wishes for 2011, Manu Delago



North America dates

All US & Canada dates for the Colouring Book tour are now confirmed. My duo 'Living Room' will present material of our new album 'Colouring Book' as well as pieces of our Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits. You can watch the new episode, part 6 of this notorious Youtube series - the Ave Maria by J.S. Bach and Charles Gounod - with great special effects here. It's also available on iTunes if you'd like to download a Christmas present for yourself or someone you like.

Another creative idea for a Christmas present is my album 'Adventions' which contains 12 Christmas carols, performed with the Hang and 12 amazing guest musicians in different duo and trio formats. As most of my CDs it is available on www.sessionworkrecords.com. I hope I could help...

Have a great Advent, Manu Delago




Thanks to everyone who was part of the first 14 concerts of the 'Colouring Book' tour. This week Christoph Pepe Auer and myself will be joined by three magnificent string players, playing a concert at the prestigious venue LSO St. Luke's in London on Sunday, 24th of October at 7.30 pm. In November and December the Colouring Book tour will continue in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Canada. The album 'Colouring Book' is now also available on iTunes .

Totally coloured sincerely yours, Manu Delago



New album & world tour

'Colouring Book' - the new album of my duo 'Living Room' will be released on 22nd September 2010. It contains 11 new tracks (including a selection of our Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits) and a DVD with the documentary film 'Life in Rooms'. You can already pre-order and pre-listen to the album here .

The release will be followed by the Colouring Book tour with concerts in the UK, in Austria, Norway, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, USA and Canada.

On Hang, Taradiddle Sticks, A4 paper & Blopp, Manu Delago



La Boite a Musique

This Thursday I'll perform alongside Didier Lockwood and Jean-Francois Zygel in the TV programme 'La boite a Musique' (10.45pm) on France2. If you understand French, it's a very interesting TV show with the theme 'Bach to the Future'.

Also, my CD shop has a special offer you. My first solo album 'Made in Silence' (Polyglobe Edition) which was temporarily out of stock is now available in a limited and signed edition. You can get 'Made in Silence' (Polyglobe Edition) together with the new 'Made in Silence 2' (incl. 'Mono Desire') for a special price.

Warm greetings from the Alps, Manu Delago



New News & Raffle

I'd like to present my first self portrait: Pencilphonie No.1 in Hb2

The new album of my duo 'Living Room' will be released in mid-September. 'Colouring Book' will include 11 new songs and a DVD with the film 'Life in Rooms'. The official album launch will be on Sunday, 26th September at 8pm at The Bedford in Balham, South London. Tickets are available here . 5 free CDs will be given away to people who buy their ticket before 1st September. Winners will be announced at the concert. Good Luck!

Hope to be playing for you soon, Manu Delago



Old News

Somehow I managed to delete all news entries from April to July. Looking back I'd like to revisit two videos:

A piano & hang duet that I recorded with the amazing Norwegian musician and producer Bugge Wesseltoft: The Perspective of an Encore

A vuvuzela & hang duet that I recorded before (!) the association football world cup. Looking back I'm almost dissapointed that this video has had more hits than many other videos of mine. I hope that many vuvuzela players can learn from the incredible Mr. Vuvuzela Matt: Hang the Vuvuzela

In the dates section you find new concert dates in Europe and North America. More dates for the 'Living Room' world tour will be announced soon.

Your I.T. specialist, Manu Delago



Two handsful of sound

My new album 'Made in Silence 2' will be out on the 10th of april. It will contain Youtube's most popular Hang piece Mono Desire as well as a brandnew piece for 10 layers of Hang: Two handsful of sound
The album also contains two tracks with outstanding guest musicians: Cinematic Orchestra's Stuart McCallum and a string trio with musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra.

In the dates section you find new concert dates. More dates for the 'Living Room' world tour will be announced soon.

Written with two handsful of fingers, Manu Delago



Is it the track from Youtube?

The answer is 'yes', Nurofen uses my piece Mono Desire - which is also know as 'Hang Drum Solo' - for their current TV commercial. This anti-pain piece has become the most popular Hang piece in the Internet and finally it will be released as part of my new solo CD 'Made in Silence 2'. Four years have passed since I recorded my debut album 'Made in Silence (1)' and I can truly say that my Hang playing got more versatile and mature and that the new tracks are mellower, dreamier and just better than the old ones.

At the same time I have to announce that 'Made in Silence (1)' is no more available on my website but with an email to shop@manudelago.com you can already pre-order the new album and you'll be the first one to get it (in late march)!

In the meantime I'd like to present you part 5 of the Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits (the first time the I played the Hang without seeing the instrument): James Impossible

Impossible is nothing, Manu Delago



Christmas present?

My original christmas present was a live-clip from my Adventions-Tour but as it is the time of the year when many people eat lots of sweets, I changed my plan and want to set a good example of how to brush your teeth .

I hope you enjoy my second not-Hang video and I promise to upload more Hang music in the new year. Also, I'll release a new solo album in april 2010. It will include the track 'Mono Desire (Hang drum solo)' which has been clicked by more than 2 million people and more new compositions for Hang solo.

Have a toothbrushy christmas and a groovy nu year, Manu Delago



Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 4

The Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits series goes on. Part 4 features a great Beatles song .
By the way, the new Living Room album should be released in october 2010. This should be a good reason to tour around the world. If you want get informed about concert dates through my newsletter, please e-mail 'subscribe' to newsletter@manudelago.com!

Sunny (!!) regards from Bergen (Norway), Manu Delago



Free Concert @
Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Our free Kick Off Show on 6th August is not listed in the Fringe Programme. It's only promoted online and we're hoping to see many of you at our first of 25 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Of course we're pleased to see you at any other concert from 7-14 and 16-31 august at 3.45 pm as well.

Spectacular Regards, Manu Delago



3 players on 2 marimbas!

My first Not-Hang video features a snowman, two divers and three footballers, everything played by 3 marimba players!?

For upcoming concerts all over Europe please go to Dates. If you want get informed through my newsletter, please e-mail 'subscribe' to newsletter@manudelago.com!

Still seeing snow, Manu Delago



New US tour dates and Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 3!

Thanks to everyone who visited my first concerts in the US. There are new dates confirmed for Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Eastcoast.

Also, I proudly want to announce the release of Living Room's new video Hang & Bass Clarinet Megahits 3

Majestic, Manu Delago



US-Tour, new San Francisco dates!

This week my first US-Tour kicks off and I hope to be playing for huge and lovely audiences.

For everyone who wants to see me not playing the Hang, please check out this video: 3 players on 2 marimbas

Your snowman, Manu Delago



£4 ?uest!ist!

On thursday, the 12th february my trio 'Manu Delago Handmade' will play a concert in the Bullet Bar in London presenting a couple of new songs. If you want to be on the £4 guestlist, please email to contact@manudelago.com!

In 2009 I'll play concerts in almost every continent. If you want get informed through my newsletter, please e-mail 'subscribe' to newsletter@manudelago.com!

Yo yo yours sincerely, Manu Delago




More than 1 000 000 have watched my piece 'Mono Desire' on Youtube and rated it to the most popular Hang-Video. Thank you so much for the nice comments (for my T-Shirt ;-).

Back in London, Manu Delago



Frohe Weihnachten!

I want to thank everyone who attended one of my 15 advent concerts in the last 4 weeks. It was a pleasure playing for you and I hope to see you and many more again next year.

Back home in Tyrol, Manu Delago




I've been working on this album since last christmas. After all I'm very happy with the result and can proudly announce that the CD will be released on 24th november.
To be honest, this wasn't an easy project to start with. I was of the opinion that there are enough christmas albums out there already but more and more people asked for carols played on the Hang. So I started thinking about an interesting concept. Having the Hang and the carols as a beautiful red thread, I invited 12 guest musicians - playing 12 different instruments - and arranged 12 pieces based on inter-traditional carols, all played as different duets and trios.

As a little taster you can watch the recording session of one of the pieces: Adventions - Recording Video

Looking forward to seeing you at a concert, Manu Delago




I received many messages about this concert in the Roundhouse in London on the 31st october. Yes, I play as a guest musician with Shpongle but unfortunately the concert is sold out. In november I'll play some concerts with my band 'Manu Delago Handmade' in London. Would be nice to see you there.

Pfiatgott, Manu Delago




Christoph Pepe Auer and I composed an earworm. We stole a melody from the great Kurt Cobain and declared it as our own. Check out the new smash-hit!

This track and more music will be performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh from 5th until 10th August. More concerts in the dates section!

Notice: The venue for the concert in Zakopane (PL) on the 18th July is changed!

Hasta luego, Manu Delago



Euro 2008!

Concerts in England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Austria and Greece lined up. Hope to see you somewhere...

In the meantime you can watch another "Living Room" clip - Hidden Track

Youro Manu Delago



Happy New Year!

Late but on a special date I want to wish you a new leap year.
I use this extended year for touring all over Europe and I hope to meet you at one of these concerts. There are some new shows in my dates section but many more will follow soon. There are also planned concerts in the United States. If you want to be updated by E-Mail, please suscribe to my newsletter.

Yours faithfully, Manu Delago




Check out the new preview video of the CD/DVD Manu Delago Handmade: Click here

If you want to recieve the Manu Delago newsletter (tourdates, new releases etc), please write an E-Mail with subject "suscribe" to newsletter@manudelago.com!

Alive in London, Manu Delago



Tour - Album - Video

The new album "Manu Delago Handmade" is nearly finished. It is the debut album of my band "Manu Delago Handmade" and includes a special live concert DVD. It will be presented on a little tour in November (see Dates). If you want to pre-order the album, please write an E-Mail to shop@manudelago.com!

Moreover there is a new Hang-clip online:
Manu Delago - Mono Desire (Hang solo)

Alive in Austria, Manu Delago


New Album - Living Room

„…from playful to mellow, a soul-reaching performance…“ – one of the numerous staggering feedbacks on the two Living Room concerts.

After playing together in different band-projects Christoph Pepe Auer and Manu Delago discovered the great complement of the extraordinary instruments Bass Clarinet and Hang. Combining these two instruments the Austrian musicians created a new sound covering a big range of musical styles. This pioneer project had to be recorded in an energetic but very calm surrounding. After different considerations the decision didn’t fall on a recording studio or a concert hall.

A „Living Room“ in Mieming, Austria was the perfect location for the live concerts on 27th and 28th December 2006. The exciting ambience of those unforgettable performances is kept on this pioneer-album „Living Room“.

Living, Manu Delago


New Video

On www.myspace.com/manudelago you can watch a few minutes of the "Living Room" concert which will be my next album.

Saludos, Manu Delago


Happy 007

I've just recorded a new album which will be released in March 2007. It's a duo-project with Christoph Pepe Auer on the bass clarinet and me on the Hang. Two magical live-concerts have been recorded and the best pieces of the evenings will be on the new CD.
Feel free to order my Newsletter in the section "contact"!

Best wishes for 007, Manu Delago


Listen & Watch

The presentation of my debut-album “made in silence” and my live-band “Manu Delago Handmade” in November was a great success. On www.myspace.com/manudelago you can listen to a live-recording of the song “Don’t forget”. There you’ll find also one more little hang-clip of me playing in front of some guitar-amps. Of course I would prefer playing live in front of you but my upcoming concerts are all in Austria (see Dates).

Thanks for the support, Manu Delago



According to the zeitgeist I've managed to settle down in the world wide web. I dare say that I've finished my first solo-album „made in silence“. On that CD I'm playing the magical „Hang“. If you have never heard of this marvellous instrument, please take your time and get to know the sound of the Hang. The Audioplayer on the top right will help you with it. If you like the tunes, feel free to order your copy of „made in silence“!

All the best, Manu Delago